Blue Medora Does Oracle on VMware Two Ways

by bluemedora_editor on February 12, 2014

There is an overwhelming increase in interest and adoption of both, EM12c and the migration of Oracle workloads onto VMware.  Oracle EM12c is the platform of choice for Oracle Administrators (Oracle Admins) and Database Administrators (DBA’s) tasked with monitoring and managing critical business IT infrastructure with the applications it supports. More Oracle databases, WebLogic servers, and applications are running on VMware.

With the start of 2014, it’s the third year we’ve been developing and offering the Blue Medora Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware (EM Plugin for VMware). The EM Plugin for VMware is our key product for Oracle users and unique in creating visibility and insight into the performance and availability of the VMware virtual infrastructure all within Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Blue Medora has closed the “gap” with the Plugin for VMware by allowing EM12c to be the “single pane of glass” versus multiple “standalone platforms” through which customers can monitor and manage the entire IT infrastructure including VMware.

This new year also comes with a new product: The Blue Medora vCenter Operations Manager Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager (vC Ops MP for OEM). VMware has partnered with Blue Medora to take over this technology that VMware has been providing to vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise Edition customers as the “Adapter for OEM”. VMware chose Blue Medora because of our reputation for creating high quality, high value extensions and integrations for other leading platform providers like IBM Tivoli and Oracle EM12c.

What is the vC Ops MP for OEM? The MP takes in metrics about “Targets” (managed objects like databases, listeners, servers, data stores, etc.) along with Oracle performance data, availability data, configuration data, and relationship data. The Blue Medora MP then is subjected to the advanced event correlation and predictive analytic capabilities that make vC Ops the most powerful tool for helping IT Admins to maintain the health of, reduce risk of issues occurring in, and to optimize, the IT environment.

I’ve learned one thing about Oracle on VMware over 2 years, and it is that management silos in IT still exist. Oracle DBAs and System Admins use their tools for managing workloads and infrastructure, whereas Virtualization Admins prefer their own tools.  Instead of convincing one team to switch to another teams’ tools, Blue Medora has enabled both IT team specialists to keep using the tools they’ve already invested in. OEM users have the Blue Medora Plugin for VMware in order to gain access to vSphere performance and availability, AND now vC Ops users can view Oracle performance on VMware in their favorite management console.  And that is what I mean when I say, “Blue Medora does Oracle on VMware Two Ways.”


Fred Weichselbaum is the Sales Director for Blue Medora. Fred has been working in the software industry for the past 30 years and has extensive experience with Enterprise Management Software. 

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