Blue Medora Agent for Citrix Xen Server – Release Candidate 1

by bluemedora_editor on November 16, 2010

Over the past several months we have been putting a tremendous amount of development effort into the ITM Agent for XenServer release candidate (RC) which we released today.  I want to take the time to discuss the most recent additions, changes and optimizations that can be found in the RC.  Before I get started,  want to thank all of our beta customers for the fantastic feedback they’ve provided – your outstanding feedback has been instrumental in helping us produce a high quality, robust solution for that provides IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) based end-to-end monitoring and administration of Citrix XenServer environments.

First let’s talk about performance optimizations made to the agent.  The vast major of the last four months (since we released Beta 1), has been solely focused on optimizing the performance of the agent.  As more and more XenServer customers have enrolled the beta program, we’ve seen a wider variation in virtual machine (VM) saturation rate per XenServer – it’s creeped up from what was initially 10-20  to as high as 80-100 in some customer environments.  As the number of VMs per XenServer host has gone up, we’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of requests made to the xAPI and XenServer RRD based monitoring interfaces by a factor of 3. In the requests that remained, we’ve made multiple optimizations to requests made to XenServer, and finally we removed a number of attribute groups from the Beta that that our customers felt didn’t contain information particularly useful in monitoring scenarios.

You’ll also find a few other additions in the RC that are worth  looking at including enhanced situations (alerts) that we provide more granular reporting of XenServer host and VM CPU, Memory, Disk ,and Network thresholds and statistics as well as enhanced agent logging.

I hope you have the opportunity to try the Blue Medora ITM Agent for Citrix XenServer new release candidate out – it can be downloaded from our website here:, and you can look forward to a final release of the agent within the next couple of weeks.

Jeremy Rowe

Director of Product Development

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