Our Next Chapter – Major Announcements From Blue Medora

by Mike Kelly on July 21, 2020

For the past 6 years, we’ve built a strong partnership with VMware to deliver dozens of our metric monitoring integrations to VMware vRealize® Operations customers. Over that time, the True Visibility Suite of products has become a critical piece of the vRealize Operations landscape. It unlocks the power of vRealize Operations for customers looking to manage their entire enterprise stack from a single tool. Due to the success of the relationship and a desire to provide a seamless process for our shared customers, VMware acquired the True Visibility Suite from Blue Medora and will move forward with True Visibility Suite as a VMware solution. We at Blue Medora couldn’t be happier to see this powerful collection of tools reach more VMware customers.

So what’s next for Blue Medora?

Over the past several years, apart from our VMware business, Blue Medora has launched a number of market defining products, most recently BindPlane. BindPlane is the first of its kind monitoring integration as a service platform. BindPlane brings hundreds of metrics and monitoring integrations to half a dozen monitoring platforms.

In addition to our expertise in monitoring metrics, we have entered the log management space with BindPlace for Logs, a fully managed solution for gathering and shipping logs to your preferred destination.

What we’ve found after years of laser focus on the monitoring space and after talking to hundreds of customers is that there’s a gap in the log management space. Logs are a struggle for most organizations, the growth in log data has been exponential and the tools to monitor logs haven’t kept up with that expansion. Some of the largest organizations in the world are struggling to solve the challenge of shipping terabytes of log data every day, or every hour. The bottleneck is often at the agent level. We’ve been working hand in hand with some of our largest customers to develop a new, high performance, highly configurable, open source log agent capable of meeting their needs. We’re pleased to announce that today it’s available for download.

We’re excited to share this with you and as a way of marking this transition, Blue Medora is launching observIQ (www.observIQLabs.com). At observIQ we’re focused on solving the log data acquisition challenges through innovative open source products that are designed with performance and configurability first.

observIQ, observIQ logo

The open source log agent is the first product we’re releasing. Architected from the ground up for high performance, the agent is written in Go, optimized for low resource utilization, and designed to have even greater configurability and customizability than legacy agents. We’ve released an initial set of input and output plugins to support the most common workloads and will be releasing new plugins weekly.

Over the next few months, we’ll be launching observIQ Cloud which provides remote configuration, simplified deployment, and best-of-class visualization for a full log solution. Click here to join the beta.

At observIQ we’re producing solutions by engineers for engineers and we love hearing from our customers so connect with us, give our products a try, or consider working here by emailing careers if you share our passion for Observability!

VMware to Extend Self-Driving Operations with Acquisition of True Visibility Suite Team and Products

by Carol Volk on July 2, 2020

Blue Medora is thrilled to announce that we have entered into a definitive agreement for the True Visibility Suite team and products to be acquired by VMware. Blue Medora and VMware have partnered together for years, expanding vRealize Operations’ self-driving management scope and support for packaged applications, middleware, data center infrastructure and public clouds via management packs. We are excited that our customers will benefit from tighter integration and a more seamless customer experience. Learn More >

Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards Automated

by Nate Coppinger on April 1, 2020

Have you heard the good news? We’re excited to announce that you can have Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards automated with BindPlane! With a single click of a button in BindPlane, you can have a dashboard automatically created for your favorite supported sources directly in Google Cloud Monitoring. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the simple process of automating the creation of your dashboards. You can also watch our video walkthrough. 

It’s very simple to get started with your Google Cloud Monitoring dashboards. The first step is to open up and log into BindPlane. 

BindPlane UI, Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards Automated, Automation, Dashboards

Next select ‘Destination’ under the metrics section. 

Destination, Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards Automated, Automation, Dashboards

Now it will take you to a page that presents you with all of your available destinations. Here you will click Google Cloud Monitoring. Click the destination that would like to have your dashboard created in.

Dashboard selection, Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards Automated, Automation, Dashboards

Scroll down to the source that you want BindPlane to auto-generate a dashboard for, directly in Google Cloud Monitoring.

Google Cloud Monitoring Dashboards Automated, Automation, Dashboards

Click Install on your desired sources, and you’re all done! The dashboard has been created in Google Cloud Monitoring and now all that is left is to take a look at your shiny new dashboard.

Head over to Google Cloud Monitoring and enter the source you’re looking for into the filter bar. From here you can select one of the Google Cloud Monitoring dashboards automated by BindPlane. Most sources will have a single dashboard created, but some, like Kubernetes will have multiple dashboards available.

After you have selected the dashboard you wish to view, you can now see which metrics are included in the dashboard, and you can edit them to your liking. 

We hope you enjoy these Google Cloud Monitoring dashboards automated with Bindplane as much as we do. For more information, visit our site to learn about BindPlane and it integrates into Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Cloud Logging to bring you a great monitoring experience.

Blue Medora Builds Strong Momentum Into 2020

by bluemedora_admin on January 27, 2020

Company demonstrates strong revenue growth, product innovation, and strengthening of the executive team

GRAND RAPIDS, MI. – JANUARY 27, 2020 – Blue Medora, the leading provider of enterprise IT monitoring integration solutions, reported today that it closed a record-breaking year in 2019 with sector-leading performances across revenue, customer acquisition and product innovation as well as adding key hires to its executive staff.

The leading indicator of the company’s growth is its thriving customer acquisition. Blue Medora’s total customer base grew 60% in 2019, resulting in over 550 total customers worldwide in industries spanning government, healthcare, telecommunication, finance and retail. Monthly recurring revenue increased 52% as a result of this strong customer growth.

To drive this momentous growth, the company expanded its executive team by welcoming Bekim Protopapa as chief executive officer, Carol Volk as chief marketing officer and Greg Pattison as general manager. 

  • Bekim Protopapa joined Blue Medora in October, bringing over 20 years of leadership experience from companies within the systems management, networking and security sectors including roles at NetIQ, BladeLogic, Blue Coat Systems, Cymtec and Mimecast. During his tenure at NetIQ, the company grew from a small startup to a public company with a $250+ million run rate and made several strategic acquisitions. While at Blue Coat Systems, the company experienced a period of unprecedented growth, expanding from roughly $100 million in annual revenue to over $400 million in under four years. Lastly, as the GM/COO of Mimecast in North America, he led a high-velocity go-to-market team, ultimately culminating in one of the NASDAQ’s most successful IPO’s in 2015.  
  • Carol Volk joined Blue Medora in July from cybersecurity leader STEALTHbits where she ran marketing, growing marketing-sourced revenue from near 0% to over 30%. Prior to STEALTHbits, Carol held marketing and product management positions at Oracle and RightNow Technologies. Carol also co-founded and ran a startup that provided premiere sales and marketing tools for high tech sales organizations, focusing on Fortune 500 organizations that included Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Siemens, D&B, and Johnson Controls. Prior to this, Carol held product development and other technical positions at Voxware, McAfee and Prudential Investments. 
  • Greg Pattison returned to Blue Medora in July to lead the True Visibility Group business unit. Greg leverages his past experience in product development for the automotive, finance, computer and paper industries to produce world-class IT monitoring solutions. Greg served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Power Plant Supervisor for six years prior to getting his computer engineering degree. He has worked for Mead, Burke Porter, and Atomic Object before joining Blue Medora.

In addition to these executive hires, Blue Medora also expanded its partner ecosystem. The company established a growing relationship with Google, that encompasses Google’s monitoring service providing metrics and logs data from non-Google Cloud Platform technologies, launching a metrics offering in March and expanding to logs in November 2019. Blue Medora also deepened its relationship with New Relic, offering New Relic One customers the ability to collect log data from more than 50 log sources, announcing availability in October. This builds on the momentum established with New Relic over the last two years with the BindPlane solution for metrics. 

“Blue Medora continues to deliver strong operating results, and product innovation that solves real customer problems. To that end, 2019 was no different, and we accelerated in several key areas,” said Bekim Protopapa, CEO of Blue Medora. “The pace of product innovation throughout the year was a significant component in driving the momentum we experienced. On average, we brought to market one new metrics or logs source per week. It’s clear our rapid product development is resonating with our users given the impressive year over year growth in our customer base.”

In addition to the standard operating benchmarks, Blue Medora has always had a deep tradition of giving back to the western Michigan community it calls home. A sampling of the organizations Blue Medorians are proud to work with includes:

  • SoftwareGR.org – board member and donors 
  • Bitcamp – Blue Medora hosts a coding camp for 7th and 8th-grade girls
  • FIRST Robotics Team – Blue Medora hosts the practice space and has donated laptops for a local club
  • Django Girls GR, The Right Place, Degage and Friends of GR Parks – volunteers and/or donors.

To learn more about Blue Medora visit our website or request a demo of True Visibility or BindPlane.

About Blue Medora 

Blue Medora’s pioneering IT monitoring integration as a service addresses today’s IT challenges by easily connecting system health and performance data–no matter its source–with the world’s leading monitoring and analytics platforms. Blue Medora helps customers unlock dimensional data across their IT stack, otherwise hidden by traditional approaches to metrics collection.

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Announcing Extended Observability and Functionality for Google’s Stackdriver Log Integration through BindPlane

by bluemedora_admin on December 3, 2019

Update: Google Stackdriver is now Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring. BindPlane will continue to integrate and support both of these products.

Stackdriver log integration expands functionality across on-prem and multi-cloud Kubernetes, databases and applications with 50+ log sources

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH. – Dec 3, 2019 – IT monitoring integration innovator Blue Medora today announced general availability and open access of 50+ log source integrations through its BindPlane log streaming platform, for all Google’s Stackdriver customers.

This follows the October beta release and announcement from Google Cloud bringing BindPlane’s log services to market at no additional licensing cost to Stackdriver customers. Stackdriver and BindPlane together bring an in-depth hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises view into a single dashboard, connecting health and performance signals from a wide variety of Google and non-Google Cloud Platform (GCP) sources. The managed log streaming capability simplifies extending Stackdriver’s observability to enterprise customer data centers and other public clouds. The addition of log source ingestion complements BindPlane’s existing metrics data pipelining capabilities.

The 50+ preconfigured log source integrations include Kubernetes, Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, along with support for key workloads including Windows applications, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Elasticsearch, Kafka, NGINX and more. They allow Stackdriver customers to unify event analysis, even when running multiple Kubernetes orchestrated services across Google Cloud, New Relic, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and private data centers. These capabilities also enable diagnosing production issues for application stacks running on Google Cloud VMs. With new product functionality including fully customizable log parsing and formatting, Stackdriver customers can now search on a specific log tag within groups of logs to identify issues faster and quickly match sources to log records. BindPlane automates the collection and enhancement of diverse IT operations data and the metadata that exposes IT relationships. Designed to address the complexity of managing operations data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, this data stream improves upon the analytics of popular monitoring platforms including Stackdriver, Azure Monitor, New Relic, VMware, Datadog and others. With the possibility of configuring multiple systems sending log data to Stackdriver, BindPlane now allows for remote agent updates from a central location, saving administrators time by not needing to access each individual system to update their log agents.

“The BindPlane for Stackdriver solution has saved us significant money and effort otherwise spent on managing additional SIEM logging tools and open source solutions,” said Timothy Wright, Founder at Eastbound Technology.

“As BindPlane continues to grow, introducing log monitoring was the next step for providing single pane health and performance monitoring to our customers,” said Mike Kelly, Chief Technology Officer, Blue Medora. “Our greatest value is continuing to offer a wide range of integrations and types of monitoring as possible. We’ll continue to build these integrations within our customers’ preferred monitoring tools, like Stackdriver, to make sure we offer the most extensive monitoring and observability capabilities.”

Stackdriver brings together application performance tracing, logs, and infrastructure monitoring functions into a single tool. “Our partnership with BindPlane has extended Stackdriver’s capabilities for monitoring logs and metrics to help support our customers’ dynamic and hybrid environments,” said Rami Shalom, Product Manager, Google Cloud. “The integration of BindPlane unlocks a real-time, dimensional data stream that allows our customers to monitor non-GCP public cloud resources that are vital to understanding their full picture health, all within Stackdriver.”

BindPlane currently supports as many as 150 operations data sources that support monitoring of non-GCP public cloud resources including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and IBM Cloud. It also monitors critical workloads and databases on GCP (or data center) virtual machines and on-premises infrastructure.

Details on how to deploy Stackdriver with BindPlane can be found on Google Cloud’s website.

About Blue Medora

Blue Medora’s pioneering IT monitoring integration as a service addresses today’s IT challenges by easily connecting system health and performance data–no matter its source–with the world’s leading monitoring and analytics platforms. Blue Medora helps customers unlock dimensional data across their IT stack, otherwise hidden by traditional approaches to metrics collection.

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