Our approach to monitoring data collection has proven to decrease downtime, improve team productivity and save our customers a lot of money. Both our system-based and Metric Per Minute pricing models provide flexibility to best meet your business needs.


Included with Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud standard usage rates apply to your GCP billing. No separate invoice or expensing required.

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  • Full-stack observability in Google Cloud Platform
  • Scale up to unlimited metrics per minute on any of our supported endpoints and services
  • Collect and enhance any metric into a Dimensional Data stream
  • Single interface for lifecycle management
  • Always up-to-date catalog of technologies sources
  • Unlock real-time alerting and reporting capabilities on all your metric and log streams
  • Premium support included
  • Unlimited users
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Why BindPlane

Affordable, self-maintaining metric collection

Just how affordable? Here is a primer on metrics per minute or a few answers to other common questions.

Save up to $1 million/year

If you’re thinking, "Can’t I just download a bunch of free plugins?," you might want to read up on the architectural differences between flat metrics and our Dimensional Data stream or find out more about why your metric collection strategy matters.

Flexible pricing features

BindPlane is priced on metric ingestion, but more data isn’t always the answer. Our service allows you the ability to fine-tune exactly which metrics you collect based on your environment and use case.

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