BindPlane June Update: More Logs on the Fire

by Nate Coppinger on July 11, 2019

Update: Google Stackdriver is now Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring. BindPlane will continue to integrate and support both of these products.

Nature’s long awaited summer update is finally here. While you throw bundles of logs on your summer bonfires, our team has thrown some new log bundles to stoke the  BindPlane for Stackdriver fire. Since its summer we thought we would cook you up some delicious new features for our summer BindPlane Barbecue. Tired of the summer analogies yet? Well better get used to them, they are here to stay for the foreseeable future, just like summer! Now, time for the BindPlane June Update.

Log source bundles

June was a busy month for the Logs team as the list of supported Log source bundles continues to grow at a fast rate!

  • Aerospike
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache HBase
  • Azure Log Monitoring
  • CouchBase
  • CouchDB
  • Elasticsearch
  • JBoss
  • Memcached
  •  NGINX
  • PGBouncer
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis log sources
BindPlane June Update, More Logs on the fire, BindPlane for Stackdriver, June bundles
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A couple of Log bundles we would like to highlight that you may find useful are Elasticsearch and Apache Cassandra 

Elasticsearch is a very powerful and important tool that you will want to make sure you keep healthy and running smoothly. It is a great database search tool and the sheer expanse of data that it must parse will mean a potential for many events that you will want to track with logs. You can use Elasticsearch logs with BindPlane for Stackdriver to track important events occurring within your environment. For example, you could set up logs to track instances such as failed the number of Queries ran, failed queries, how often Elasticsearch goes down, and Index creation. The logs feature will also give you the ability to sort by severity level, type of event, and a time frame, node ID and other important information. 

BindPlane June Update, More Logs on the fire, BindPlane for Stackdriver, Elasticsearch Logs
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As a scalable, distributed, NoSQL database, Apache Cassandra handles a large amount of data across multiple servers, making it an extremely important and powerful tool that users will want to make sure they have visibility into the health and performance of the database. Since Cassandra is a distributed database that stores information in multiple nodes, logs will be invaluable when it comes to tracking the multitude of events that will occur on Cassandra. For example, you could use logs to track node failures, replication instances, and other similar events. 

BindPlane June Update, More Logs on the fire, BindPlane for Stackdriver, Cassandra Logs
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We have also launched monitoring support for the Cassandra Garbage Collector. Our logs and metrics will allow you to keep an eye on its performance and its key performance indicators, such as how much time it takes each time for the garbage collector to run.

BindPlane June Update, More Logs on the fire, BindPlane for Stackdriver, Cassandra, Garbage collector graph
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For the full list of Log sources for Stackdriver that we currently support, check out our BindPlane Logs page.

Log agent features

During the last development cycle,we were able to Enhance the lifecycle management capabilities of the Log Agent. 

Great news!

In a recent blog, we announced the launch of our BindPlane CLI tool (BPCLI). The BPCLI will help you automate the creation and configuration of sources and credentials. It will allow you to modify your existing infrastructure for monitoring purposes. To find and implement the BPCLI, visit our GitHub public repository and follow the instructions to get started. 

BindPlane June Update, More Logs on the fire, BindPlane for Stackdriver, BPCLI repo

Stay Tuned

That’s it for the June BindPlane update, visit our site for more details on everything we offer here at Blue Medora for your monitoring and integration needs. Keep an eye out for our weekly blog posts and monthly updates over on our site!

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