Google Sales Enablement | BindPlane for Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring

Extend Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Cloud Logging to hybrid cloud observability. Seamlessly stream metric and log data from 150+ source technologies included with Google Cloud Platform at no additional cost.

Why BindPlane for GCP customers?

Hybrid-cloud environments and on-premises workloads can be a mess to monitor. If hybrid-cloud observability is the goal, reduction in troubleshooting times and completion of SRE best practices can be achieved. Whether your customer is migrating to GCP or integrating GCP into a hybrid-cloud and/or on-premises environment, BindPlane can bolster Google Cloud’s capabilities to create the single pane-of-glass they need.

With a growing pack of 150+ source technology integrations, BindPlane enables Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring users to pull in monitoring metrics and logs across any complex environment. If a particular source is not currently supported, the 24/7 BindPlane support team is available to build the custom solution you need. Additionally, as a fully integrated GCP partner, customers are not required to sign additional contracts or pay any license fees to utilize BindPlane on top of Google Cloud Platform.

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Google Partner Enablement Deck

Presented on 6/21/19

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Demo Environment for Google Field and Partners

Google Cloud:
Password: peaceDevinDR

Password: BMdem00!

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Co-presented with Google and a Customer on extending Stackdriver monitoring coverage with BindPlane.

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*Access to BindPlane for Stackdriver requires no additional licensing or BindPlane consumption fees. Additional Stackdriver ingestion fees may apply.

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