BindPlane: Catalyst for Monitoring Evolution

by bluemedora_admin on February 20, 2018

In 2004, LEGO Group found itself on the brink of bankruptcy. Over the previous 7 years, LEGO had doubled the number of unique bricks to 12,000 and had entered into computer games, clothing, and theme parks. Despite the popularity of its brand, customers increasingly experienced quality and availability issues with LEGO’s products. As innovation drove product proliferation, operational complexity quickly grew to the point it consumed value. The company addressed complexity by eliminating some of its products and creating standardization around the rest.


This pattern of innovation-driven complexity repeats across industries as well. As market segments grow, the ecosystem experiences friction. Advancement doesn’t happen because innovation is stymied or capabilities regressed. When these moments arise, standardization enables continued growth and innovation. At some point in the maturity of a product category, or market segment, a layer gets peeled away and addressed by a new approach. This is especially true in software. Think of PDF, Java, Twilio.

We believe this moment has arrived for monitoring.

The Frailty of Rigid Coupling

Years ago, systems monitoring and management was dominated by the “big 4” enterprise vendors. Now, the market has hundreds of new entrants, and share has shifted dramatically. As the modern IT stack evolved, customers find increasing value addressing observability with multiple tools and techniques, for good reason: Advances in big data, cloud/SaaS, and machine learning/artificial intelligence have accelerated innovations in monitoring, like anomaly detection and self-healing.

But all of these advances depend on the quality and comprehensiveness of the data they ingest. And now, that data is becoming the barrier to realizing the value of continued innovation.

Today’s monitoring approach to system data collection is based on thousands of bespoke endpoint technology-to-platform integrations. Duplication across these integrations is rampant. And ongoing care and feeding is either too costly to do well, or orphaned as community commitment fades.

It’s time for monitoring integrations-as-a-service.

A standardized, service-oriented approach to system data collection could enable:

  • Constant technology currency
  • Comprehensive coverage across all layers of the IT stack
  • Data normalization across disparate metrics
  • Contextual metadata–or data dimensionality–needed to support advanced component dependency-aware analytics

Introducing BindPlane

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of BindPlane. BindPlane is a new service from Blue Medora that decouples data collection from data science, in a way that enables transformative improvement in performance analytics and root cause resolution. BindPlane leverages a unique cloud architecture to instantly connect each “plane” of your stack to your monitoring platforms, and seamlessly manage dynamism both within your environment and across the technology landscape. Today, the service supports 100 endpoint technologies. It currently delivers both simple metrics integration and advanced dimensional data analytics workflows to a handful of observability platform providers. Soon, it will support twice as many technologies and monitoring tools.

We believe this marks a new point of departure and growth for the monitoring market. BindPlane is a natural evolution of Blue Medora’s core focus to extend and enhance the world’s best ITOA, cloud management and APM platforms. Customers of our True Visibility Suite, for example, are already experiencing 10x reductions in root cause resolution as a result of our unique ability to deliver full stack insight to VMware’s vRealize platform.

It’s time to unplug outdated, unstable and partial plugins. It’s time to get to the most from your data. Find a BindPlane-enabled partner or join our beta program for new platforms support currently in development.

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True Visibility
BindPlane for VMware vRealize Operations

True Visibility allows cloud management teams to use VMware vRealize’s powerful machine learning and capacity planning engine across their entire hybrid cloud environment.

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Make Azure Monitor your first-pane-of-glass across your entire multi-cloud, multi-database or hybrid platform environment.

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