Announcing BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver

by Nate Coppinger on December 3, 2019

Update: Google Stackdriver is now Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring. BindPlane will continue to integrate and support both of these products.

We are pleased to announce that BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver is now out of Beta and is generally available to all Google Stackdriver customers. Stackdriver is Google Cloud’s monitoring and logging service, that allows you to easily see how your systems are performing across platforms and providers with metric and log data that is provided by BindPlane. This new integration that beta released for customers in October pulls hybrid cloud sources and on-premises workloads into Stackdriver Logging, which allows users to gain critical insights into their environments to get ahead of potential problems. 

Together, Stackdriver and BindPlane bring an in-depth hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and on-premises view into a single dashboard, connecting health and performance signals from a wide variety of Google and non-GCP sources. Once logs are ingested in Stackdriver, you can easily view and search through the raw log data and create log-based metrics. These metrics can then be used within Stackdriver to create monitoring charts, and alerting policies, providing the ability to visualize and view logs and metrics side-by-side.

BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver, sources, logs, logging

How BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver Works:

The BindPlane Logs Agent is deployed via a single line install command for Windows and Linux and a yaml file for Kubernetes that significantly shortens the time it takes to get data streaming into Google Stackdriver Logging. BindPlane’s centralized administration offers simplified updates and configuration changes. By allowing customers to create and push out all of their changes right from the BindPlane UI, they spend less time configuring JSON files. When you combine all of these factors, along with the 24/7 customer support from Blue Medora, Stackdriver customers will see a significant decrease in the amount of time it takes to get started with log monitoring, while experiencing a more streamlined experience with Stackdriver Logging. 

BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver, sources, logs, logging, dashboard

How Stackdriver Customers Benefit from BindPlane Logs:

Customers of the Alpha and Beta versions of BindPlane logs gained insight into previously invisible systems by bringing logs from on-prem systems like Kubernetes , databases, and security systems into Stackdriver. This allowed them to leverage the same alerts, policies and SRE methods that they use with GKE. Some Stackdriver customers have even replaced their 6-figure SIEM solutions with BindPlane logging, saving both time and money. As a reminder, all BindPlane metric and log collection functionality continues to be available at no additional cost to Stackdriver users.

Anyone who has ever monitored logs in software such as Active Directory knows the number of logs can be overwhelming to comb through in order to find anything of importance. To help with this, Stackdriver Logging comes with the capability to create alerts that notify you when a certain event is triggered. For example, alerts can be set up within your environment to notify you if any of the constraints or limits for the objects in your schema have been violated. The log data streamed by BindPlane automatically parses your data and includes a JSON payload that gives a more contextual look on what is included within each log entry such as log-type, the severity level and other insights depending on the event, helping users easily read and interpret their logs for better understanding and quick analysis of their data.

BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver, sources, logs, logging, json, parsing

Stackdriver Logging also comes with the ability to create log-based metrics which are beneficial for locating trends within your system data. With log-based metrics, you can create metric charts that provide a visual representation of logs within a system. By comparing these charts, you can receive better insights into your network and systems, helping you identify correlations or causations between different log events. For example, Stackdriver Logging customers can track all of the log-on attempts that occur on their active directory, and compare them to the number of log-on failures being returned. These graphs allow users to filter by time, helping them dive deeper into the data to gain stronger insights on any issues they might be having.

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BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver Sources: 

BindPlane for Stackdriver today supports 50+ Log sources, including, but not limited to:  


Application web servers

Networking solutions

These are just a small sample and the beginning of the preconfigured sources that BindPlane can integrate into Stackdriver Logging. By the end of the year, BindPlane will expand support to over 100 log types. Visit the BindPlane documentation page to see if your favorite sources are supported.

BindPlane Logs for Stackdriver, sources, logs, logging, all sources

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