Alliant Credit Union Case Study and Transcript: True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize

by bluemedora_admin on November 28, 2017



Alliant Credit Union is a member-based credit union. We have 11 branches nationwide.


We’ve moved away from the brick-and-mortar type of traditional banking. A lot of what we do is digitally focused. We actually support a lot of applications–internal applications that were designed for web transactions. We also have a lot of third-party applications that run databases on SQL.


Prior to VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) and the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite, we didn’t have really good visibility into our virtual infrastructure there was a lot of individual tools people were using, but there was not one holistic view,  no single pane.


We wanted something that would cut across just the SQL layer and we wanted something that would actually offer us a view into the virtual world.


What we’re trying to do is get everything into one and, you know, vROps and Blue Medora have done that.

For us the products that we’ve added from Blue Medora just dig deeper. We’re able to customize our dashboards to be able to give us that view that we need. We’re able to, you know, prevent those outages and also plan for the future.

It gives us full visibility into the compute and storage.

We were open to having something that would actually offer us a wider view of the entire environment and it didn’t disappoint.

Before we were doing custom scripts. We had to build our own repository where information would be sent back and then track it historically. Now, with the Blue Medora product, we can go to one dashboard we can see everything across the board.

The dashboard. When you go from one that’s provided by VMware to the one that’s provided by Blue Medora you don’t see a difference. I mean it is fully integrated. The look and feel is the same.

But, sometimes we want to look at it a little different. Our development department, we can give them things and show them things on their servers that we could never have done before, and we can drill down and dig in deep and put it in the view that they want.

Probably one of the biggest benefits we’ve gotten right out of the gate was around consolidation. I think we were a little over a thousand databases–which is huge for such a small company. We were able to use the Blue Medora product to get a better feel for what was actual utilization across these servers so that we could consolidate them down more and more to have similar workloads, if you will, together.

The goal, really, is to reduce the number of SQL licenses because nobody wants to pay a lot of money, right?

Well using Blue Medora, especially the SQL pack, we have seen some savings. We’ve reclaimed some memory, reclaimed some CPU–about 10%–and we’re just in the beginning phases. So, we’re looking forward to really tweaking that environment and getting those resources back and utilizing them elsewhere.

The one thing that Blue Medora gives us that we could not live without is the performance management aspect,  because that really keeps us relevant.  Blue Medora gives us that insight into everything leading from the app all the way down into the database, and we get a good feel for where there might be bottlenecks, which things we have to address.

One of the things that Blue Medora SQL management pack offers is a screen that shows you all the most expensive SQL that runs across your entire platform. It offers a centralized view into all the slow running SQL queries as opposed to actually having to go into every single sequel server.

One of the products that we’re looking to add is the the connection to New Relic that would give us more visibility into the actual applications–so the mobile app, the online banking service that we have.

I’m looking more and more at what things we will do future forward around big data and Hadoop. We’re also looking at using artificial intelligence. We’re looking at using statistical packages and predictive analytics to make sure that we’re right-sizing the servers to do the right things.

Blue Medora is a common interface that allows the ability to engage other teams in the company,  for instance the engineering team. It gives us common ground. It’s a conversation starter.

The Blue Medora product, in comparison to some of the other tools that I’ve used, really is far and beyond much better than what I’ve experienced.

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