Advancing our Partnership with Google Cloud

by Nathan Owen on January 31, 2019

Advancing our Partnership with Google Cloud

Since our announced plans to support Google Stackdriver customers with new levels of hybrid and multi-cloud visibility, we have worked closely with the Google Cloud Platform team to make early access a seamless experience. We’re pleased to now support Stackdriver monitoring metrics collection via a new entrypoint on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This allows customers of Stackdriver to open their observability aperture to infrastructure and resources running on Azure, data centers, or specialized workloads running in GCP. Why does this rock if you use GCP today, or are considering a GCP migration?

  1. Multi-cloud is the new normCompanies are increasingly moving multiple workloads to multiple cloud providers. ESG research shows that 81 percent of current cloud infrastructure users are running two or more public cloud infrastructure providers. Of those users, 61 percent are using three or more. While often the driver is right-fitting applications to providers based on their strengths in a given set of capabilities (e.g. AI, functions-as-a-service, etc.), companies also seek distributing dependencies.

    With the addition of BindPlane, GCP customers can monitor workloads in Microsoft Azure, Alibaba and IBM Cloud. BindPlane also significantly expands Stackdriver visibility into AWS workloads as well. On Azure alone, Stackdriver now can support more than 25 distinct services including CosmosDB, Azure Directory and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
    Advancing our Partnership with Google Cloud

  2. Migrate with confidenceMoving key workloads like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SAP to the cloud, or running them in a hybrid cloud/on-prem data center architecture strains observability. Without a central control and visibility plane, understanding performance, capacity and cost is challenging.

    Now you can use Stackdriver as your central plane of visibility, and easily compare performance between private and public clouds before, during and after migration.

  3. Seamless experienceFor years, operations teams have struggled to maintain a myriad of agents and plugins distributed across their infrastructure. BindPlane radically simplifies this via a single API-based integration with Stackdriver. One simple activation of the service unlocks access to the entire portfolio of endpoint technologies that BindPlane provides visibility into. If any of more than 150 technologies are running in your stack, Stackdriver is now able to monitor it.

    Here is the best part: there’s no additional cost. You pay for Stackdriver, that’s it.
    Advancing our Partnership with Google Cloud

We’re excited to continue the evolution of our partnership with Google Cloud. Check out the Google blog for details on activating BindPlane for Stackdriver. And read our post on how to set up full-stack dashboards in Stackdriver leveraging data from across a wide range of sources. This just scratches the surface of what’s possible with Stackdriver, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn more at Google Cloud Next this spring. And watch for us to deliver more capabilities to serve the observability needs of the Stackdriver community.

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