A Kickoff to Blue Medora’s ITCAM for Apps: PeopleSoft Technical Deep-dive Series

by bluemedora_editor on March 10, 2009

This post kicks off a new series of technical posts that Blue Medora will be doing on IBM’s new ITCAM for Applications PeopleSoft monitoring solution that IBM has officially named:

  1. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Applications: PeopleSoft Application Domain
  2. IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Applications: PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

Yes – it’s a mouth full, however, peel away the name and underneath you find a very powerful monitoring and management solution for Oracle PeopleSoft ERP environments based on IBM’s flagship IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) platform.

In addition to PeopleSoft, ITCAM for Apps includes ERP management agents for SAP and Oracle Siebel. Until last year the only ERP platform ITM provided in-depth monitoring coverage for was SAP. domain dns info . time now With Tivoli’s strong push into Business Service Management (BSM) they have been making a concerted effort to broaden the management capabilities of ITM into some of the other market leading ERP packages that companies use to run their businesses in areas such as HR, Supply Chain, Industry focus vertical applications, etc. The recent release of Siebel and PeopleSoft monitoring and management extensions by IBM is the proof of this new focus.

The series will start out with a number of “How to Install and Deploy” posts and will then move on to a number of posts discussing “How to use the Product” and will culminate in a collection of posts on how to maximize the product’s potential to go beyond just monitoring and focus on how ITCAM for Apps: PeopleSoft can be used to get things done in your PeopleSoft environment.

This series is written with the assumption that readers have a basic familiarity with ITM and that they’ve previously installed and configured other ITM agents. These posts are not meant to replace the official IBM User Guides found here – we hope to complement them, as well as provide deep insight on how to maximize the solution’s capabilities.

Some of the key topics we will be covering are:

  1. Loading the ITCAM for Apps: PeopleSoft database components into PeopleSoft
  2. Installing ITM Server Application support for the PeopleSoft Agent(s)
  3. Installing the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.1: PeopleSoft Domain Agent on Windows
  4. Installing the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.1: PeopleSoft Scheduler Agent on Windows
  5. Installing and Configuring the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.1: PeopleSoft Domain Agent on Linux/Unix platforms
  6. Installing and Configuring the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.1: PeopleSoft Process Scheduling Agent on Linux/Unix platforms

We will kickoff the series with a write-up on how to install the various components of the Agent(s) into the database server that PeopleSoft Application Domains and Schedulers are attached to. I hope you enjoy.


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