5 Database Monitoring Solutions for vROps

by bluemedora_editor on June 10, 2016

Databases are one of the most critical layers in the modern IT stack, making database monitoring a necessity. The need for comprehensive and proactive performance monitoring only increases with virtualization; critical memory and CPU resources are shared with virtual machines. Monitoring these critical layers, database and virtualization, is one of vRealize Operations Manager’s wheelhouses.

VMware’s vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) provides extensive monitoring of hosts, virtual machines, datastores, and other VMware layers out of the box. Various database monitoring solutions are available from VMware’s Solution Exchange. These management packs are extensively integrated with vROps and provide the insight needed to effectively manage your databases, virtualized or not.

Oracle Database

As one of the most popular enterprise database solutions, monitoring Oracle databases often equates to monitoring your mission-critical databases. The Management Pack for Oracle Database does not disappoint, covering over 100 metrics for databases, queries, tablespaces and more. The 7 dashboards, 9 views, and 6 reports provided out of the box give you the comprehensive information you need in an easily accessible format. Integration with vROps capacity planning opens up numerous avenues for proactively identifying problems before they happen.


Microsoft SQL

Another popular database solution is Microsoft SQL, which can be monitoring in vROps with the Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server. The pack collects over 140 metrics on SQL servers, SQL databases, and always on availability groups. With 10 dashboards, 10 views, and 5 reports, you will have comprehensive insights into your SQL stack. Extensive integration with capacity definitions ensure early detection of resource constraints.



As a market leader in big data analytics, SAP HANA is a popular choice for in-memory databases. Covered by the Management Pack for SAP HANA, you can monitor you HANA stack right in vRealize Operations. Numerous dashboards and metrics are covered out of the box, as well as thorough integration with capacity planning. Resource monitoring is critical for in-memory databases, and this pack has you covered.



Providing visibility into your MySQL databases, tables, queries, and more is handled by the Management Pack for MySQL. With 5 dashboards, 5 views, and 5 reports available out-of-the-box, you’ll know everything going on in your MySQL instances. Hundreds of metrics and integration with capacity planning, as with the other solutions, ensure proactive detection of serious problems and resource shortages.



The Management Pack for PostgreSQL brings your PostgreSQL instances into vROps with over 100 metrics on databases, tables, queries, and more. Its 5 dashboards, 4 views, and 4 reports get you off the ground quickly after installation. As with every other database pack, these dashboards, views, and reports can be customized or cloned to meet your specific workflow needs.


Bonus: IBM DB2

The Management Pack for IBM DB2 integrates over 150 metrics from your DB2 environment into vROps. It has 4 dashboards, 7 views, and 5 reports provided out-of-the-box, as well as integration with capacity planning. Thorough alerting and recommendations are also provided, adding yet another way to ensure your DB2 instances are running smoothly.


Where to Get Database Solutions for vROps

If you want to add database monitoring to your environment, check out Blue Medora’s data-tier vROps management packs to find the solutions discussed above.

This blog post first appeared on VMware Cloud Management Blog. To read the full article, click here.


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