Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for PostgreSQL

Leverage Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) for visibility into performance, health, and availability as well as incident management and reporting on PostgreSQL

Features & Benefits

Extends the native database monitoring capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (EM12c) to PostgreSQL database environments.  Increasingly organizations are utilizing Oracle EM12c to manage not only the Oracle database workloads -- they are also leveraging the monitoring, management, provisioning, and private cloud management capabilities of EM12c to manage critical heterogeneous non-Oracle worloads.  

EM12c Plugin for PostgreSQL - Drilling into individual SQL queries

In particular, Oracle EM12c is often used to manage the entire database landscape within the enterprise.  The PostgreSQL plug-in specifically expands Oracle EM12c's native database management capabilities to the popular PostgreSQL database platform.  Key features of the Oracle EM12c plugin for PostgreSQL include:

  • Real time diagnosis of PostgreSQL SQL statement including the longest running, most commonly executed, rows returned, etc
  • Hundreds of PostgreSQL health, availability, performance, and replication related metrics
  • Native EM12c thresholds and incidents for common PostgreSQL problems
  • Visibility into PostgreSQL high availability via replication monitoring
  • Details in the health, size, usage, and activity of and within tables, indices, triggers, prepared transactions, and sequences
  • Configuration settings of the PostgreSQL server both now and after next reboot

Oracle Enterprise Manager represents the cutting edge of database management and increasingly customers are adopting the usage of EM12c to manage their entire database estate beyond just Oracle Database to Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, Sybase ASE, as well as popular open source database workloads.  

EM12c Plugin for PostgreSQL database homepage

The EM12c plugin for PostgreSQL extends Oracle EM12c and helps you answer the following types of questions about your PostgreSQL database landscape such as:

  • At a glance, is the database server up and are each of the database instances available?
  • How large are my indices?  What is the disk usage ratio of database data vs indices?
  • How many of the backends are in use?  How many are remaining?
  • What is the synchronization state of replication?
  • How big is the database?
  • How many times in the past hour/week/etc has a particular SQL query been executed?
  • What are the most expensive SQL queries the server is processing right now?
  • Over the last month, which SQL queries are most commonly being executed?

EM12c Plugin for PostgreSQL - Overall server status

Latest Release Notes

  • The May 2014 release is the first release of the Blue Medora - Oracle EM12c plugin for PostgreSQL database

Technical Details

  • Minimal impact via "Agentless" approach requires no installation directly on monitored PostgreSQL database servers
  • Tight integration with Oracle Enterprise Management framework with native EM12c metrics, thresholds, historical data collection, and Oracle BI Publisher based reporting
  • Easily scaled to many hundreds of PostgreSQL database instances